Consulting Services

One of the advantages of working with NBC is ability to capitalize on our knowledge and local, national and international resources.

Through our extensive networks in different industries and countries, we offer lobbing services too  and represent interests of our clients in countries where they wish to do business. Our primary target area is Tunisia

On each geographic area we rely on experienced experts, multilingual specialists including issues: legal, financial, tax and business

We provide:

• Setting up of infrastructure and an office of representation for your company in the desired region where you are looking to do business.

• Assistance with local bureaucratic processes in opening your business in the identified territory.

• Assistance with obtaining appropriate licensing, certifications, and permits to conduct your business and to buy/sell your products in the identified territories.

• Lobbying your interests at the top government levels to facilitate desired transactions.

• Assistance in the bidding processes and tenders.

• Survey and market approach.

• Commercial prospecting.